In vitro Diagnostics & Medical Devices

At Carclo, we specialize in crafting multi-component parts, assembling, and providing decoration for In vitro Diagnostics & Medical Devices. By leveraging our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we contribute to the development of devices that use patient-specific data to enhance healthcare outcomes and streamline treatment processes.

In vitro Diagnostics & Medical Devices

Microfluidic devices, pipettes

At Carclo, we manufacture precise pipettes and innovative microfluidic devices, enabling efficient, high-throughput screening with nanolitre droplet handling and sequential dilution functionality.

In vitro Diagnostics & Medical Devices

Cuvettes and Multiwells

We expertly manufacture cuvettes and UV-cuvettes, pivotal for achieving accuracy in spectroscopy due to their unparalleled transmission range. Our disposable plastic cuvettes, perfect for the UV/VIS spectrum, excel in photometric determination of proteins and various DNA or RNA types. Their single-use design minimizes contamination risk, ensuring reliable results across numerous wavelength ranges.

Capillary Blood Sampling
In vitro Diagnostics & Medical Devices

Capillary blood sampling devices

We produce intricate precision components essential for capillary blood sampling devices. Leveraging decades of experience manufacturing multi-part tools, we enable accurate, easy-to-use devices vital for diagnostic testing through advanced assembly and decoration.