Stakeholder Management

Carclo’s relationships with all our stakeholders are crucial to our business success. Our engagement with each group forms the basis for all our actions and initiatives. Both the Board and Carclo are deeply committed to public collaboration and nurturing meaningful connections with all stakeholders.
If we need per element use the text from the green boxes in our annual report:


Carclo appreciates its employees as vital stakeholders in the business. Their feedback informs our Board decisions regarding workplace conditions, growth opportunities and overall Company strategy.
Their satisfaction and alignment with Company values ensure our long-term success, pushing us to provide a safe, inclusive and motivational work environment.


Shareholder opinions are highly influential in our Board's decisions.
We commit to consistent engagement, conveying our financial performance, business developments and strategic initiatives, always aiming for responsible, sustainable growth. This commitment informs our decisions, securing the financial support needed for Carclo to thrive.


Customer insights significantly shape our decision-making process.
Their satisfaction drives our business; hence, we focus on understanding and meeting their needs, exceeding their expectations wherever possible. This dedication to customer service reflects in our development and assembly process, enhancing our offerings in high-precision critical components.


Suppliers form an integral part of our stakeholder ecosystem.
Their feedback aids our decisions on production timelines, product quality and environmental standards. We aim to foster strong relationships with suppliers sharing our values and ethical practices, ensuring high-quality products for our customers.

Lending Bank

Our lending bank's support has been crucial in periods of financial strain, and their advice informs many of our strategic financial decisions. Maintaining this robust relationship is essential to our financial stability, ensuring stakeholder confidence in Carclo's sound financial management.

Pension Fund

The pension fund's status directly influences our decisions on employee benefits and financial allocations. Committed to fulfilling obligations to past and current employees, we ensure timely contributions, keeping the fund healthy and serving our employees' interests.

Local Communities

Community input is invaluable to our Board's decision-making, impacting our approach to corporate citizenship. We strive to generate positive and sustainable impacts on local communities, basing our decisions on their needs and our capacity to contribute positively to their growth.