Precision Tech

At Carclo, our Precision Tech division excels in the production of high-precision injection moulded components. We cater to a diverse range of industries, crafting intricate parts for ATMs, safety systems, high-end electronics like fresnels, and home automation systems. Our commitment to precision ensures superior product performance and durability.

ATM Systems
Precision Tech components

Cash Storage and Dispensing Systems for ATM

Carclo specialises in fabricating precision multi-component parts for cash storage and dispensing systems in ATMs. We meticulously assemble and decorate these components, contributing to efficient and secure financial transactions.

Carclo PLC Lighting Control
Precision Tech Components

Lighting Control

Carclo adeptly manufactures precision multi-component parts for lighting control systems. Our assembly and decoration services ensure both functionality and visual appeal, enhancing the user experience.

Carclo PLC Megatronics
Precision Tech Components

Electronics & Megatronics

Carclo skillfully produces precision multi-component parts for electronics and mechatronics. Our comprehensive assembly and decoration services support functionality and aesthetic needs across these dynamic fields.