At Carclo PLC, we are committed to upholding strong governance and compliance practices. Our Board of Directors provides oversight and strategic guidance, with a majority of independent directors to ensure accountability. The Board has established Audit, Compensation and Nominating & Governance committees composed solely of independent directors. These committees conduct rigorous reviews and provide guidance to management.

Day-to-day operations are handled by our experienced executive team under the leadership of the CEO. The team is focused on ethical business practices and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. We maintain clear policies and internal controls surrounding financial reporting, data privacy, workplace conduct, conflicts of interest, and anti-corruption. Compliance training is conducted annually for all employees.

We engage reputable independent audit and law firms to assess our compliance and provide counsel. Our internal audit team also conducts regular risk assessments and testing of internal controls. We are committed to transparency and have not identified any material compliance deficiencies. Our rigorous governance and compliance standards enable us to conduct business with integrity and minimize risk. We believe this fosters a culture of accountability to shareholders, employees, customers and communities.