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Safety Week at Carclo is an annual event, designed to raise awareness of our ongoing commitment to building a robust safety culture across the international group of companies through the sharing of best practises, tools and resources.

At Carclo, safety is always the first priority for everyone, every single working day. We reinforced the importance of Health & Safety during the celebrations of Safety Week, held annually in March.

Every year is appointed a specific theme; the theme for 2024 focused on Hazard Awareness. We safeguard our colleagues by understanding and tackling hazards before they have the potential to become an incident or injury. For this reason, we appointed this year’s Safety Week slogan… “Stay alert… Don’t get hurt!”.

Safety Week is executed by all Carclo companies through a variety of activities, ranging from training to games and quizzes, with the intention of learning whilst having fun. The creation of Safety Week starts with the designing of the official banners and posters by the Aylesbury site.

Comprehensive Health & Safety training material was created and shared across the Carclo family of companies. This year’s focus was on Take 5 Safety, Hand Safety, Hand Power Tools and Ladder Safety - as well as information given to the colleagues to assist with their personal wellness, both in and out of the workplace.

The Safety Week 2024 celebrations were well performed by all the organisers, and all our colleagues enjoyed the dedicated activities and wonderful moments spent together. We’ll all look forward to a safer new fiscal year with thriving prosperity in Carclo!

Team Carclo

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