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We are your precision partner in a world where every detail matters.

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Our Heritage

Our pioneering spirit advances precision technology by obsessing over the smallest details. We blend technological innovation with heritage craftsmanship and rigorous quality control. Partners who share our passion inspire groundbreaking solutions, as we transform visions into reality through expertise and collaboration.

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Partnering With Precision

Our Industries

Bringing precision manufacturing expertise honed over decades, we serve diverse industries requiring complex multi-component parts. From aerospace and optics to technology and life sciences, our obsessive attention to detail advances your innovations.

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Partnering With Precision

Our Promise

To our customers, we provide unwavering reliability and impeccable quality. To our investors, we represent a dynamic, forward-thinking global enterprise at the forefront of precision technology.

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Partnering With Precision

Our Partnership

At Carclo, partnership means collaboration at every step - from mould design and automated manufacturing, to assembly and supply chain solutions. Together, we define the future with precision.

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Our Motto

Driven by innovation, experience and the relentless pursuit of perfection, we embrace precision manufacturing and aim to set the standard. Our motto is to push boundaries, increase capabilities, and deliver flawless results that exceed expectations.

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Join Us

Join us in shaping a world where precision manufacturing is the norm, not the exception. At Carclo, we welcome innovative minds passionate about collaborating across borders to pioneer groundbreaking technologies through precision.




Carclo's share performance, though currently affected by high bank debt and a UK pension deficit, stands as a testament to our resilience and determination to overcome challenges. We understand that our enterprise value isn't accurately reflected at present, but we're committed to turning the tide. Our new strategic approach promise substantial improvements in results, effective debt management, and rebuilding the business. This section lets you monitor our progress and the anticipated strengthening of our share performance.

When Precision Matters

Core Competencies

Carclo excels in design & engineering, streamlining projects for efficient production. We harness automation for consistent quality and cost savings, mastering precision injection moulding, assembly, and decoration. Specialising in multicomponent production, we craft diagnostic and medical devices and advanced tech components for precision-focused sectors. Our comprehensive supply chain solutions, from concept to completion, underscore our leadership in precision-driven industries. Join us at the intersection of unmatched precision and innovation.



Experience the transformative power of precision through Carclo's success stories. Our impact resonates across industries, solving complex challenges, and enabling our clients to reach new heights of success. Our precision-focused solutions have turned vision into reality, catalyzed growth, and set new industry benchmarks. These success stories not only underscore our ability to deliver tangible results but also embody our commitment to innovation and excellence. Immerse in Carclo's impact and visualize how our precision can shape your success story.

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Seize the opportunity with Carclo, with our strategy of engaging, energising and executing, we are creating an agile and robust organisation. Our precision-focused approach offers robust growth potential, driven by technological advancements. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we shape a future where precision is paramount, and success is a shared endeavor.

Carclo PLC Responsibility
Our approach


At Carclo, responsibility is as integral to our ethos as precision is to our operations. Our commitment to social, ethical, and environmental responsibilities is unwavering, informing our decision-making and shaping our business practices.
We strive for precision in our sustainable practices, minimizing our environmental impact and maximizing our positive influence. From adopting energy-efficient processes to ensuring ethical supply chains, our dedication to responsibility is evident.
Delve into Carclo's commitment to responsibility, where precision and sustainability converge to create a better world.

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Carclo's global presence encapsulates our commitment to delivering precision everywhere. With a widespread Design & Engineering network and a robust manufacturing platform spanning continents, we bring our precision-driven solutions to clients across the globe.
Our international footprint, coupled with local expertise, enables us to provide high-quality, tailored solutions to diverse markets and needs. From design inception to final product delivery, our global reach ensures precision is always within your grasp.
Experience Carclo's global precision – a testament to our commitment to transcending boundaries for the pursuit of perfection.

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Delve into Precision News for the latest from Carclo. Stay updated with our technological breakthroughs, key milestones, and our unwavering journey in global precision. Be a part of our continuous evolution in redefining precision.