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Strategy overview

Led optic

Carclo’s strategy is:

  • To grow its specialist businesses, such as medical and LED optics and lighting
  • To continue to expand in low cost regions
  • To increase its investment in new technologies and proprietary know-how

In the year to 31 March 2013, this strategy helped deliver continued forward momentum.

  • Sales of medical components now account for 47% of group sales
  • Design and development revenues for specialist lighting on the latest generation of supercars makes the group a world leader in the industry
  • Group well balanced globally
  • Conductive Inkjet Technology ("CIT") shipped its first commercial touch screen products in the year and has achieved design wins for multiple products to further tier 1 customers
  • Plans to develop further revenue streams from the CIT technology
  • Continuing technical progress at Carclo Diagnostic Solutions (“CDS”) is expected to result in commercial partnerships over the next twelve months